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No one might be reading this but its my journal so I will post bc why not. From now on, I will try to stop posting about Fiestar. The fandom is a huge disappointment and it is very elitst. Some people think that because they are more known or have followers, it gives them the right to dictate others what to do. It's a really unhealthy group and I would not recommend being in it. They expect you to shield Fiestar, not say anything negative, keep your opinions to yourself... They basically want to control you and it sucks. This is why our fandom is so small because people get isolated and excluded. I'm a massive Fiestar stan but unfortunately I get called fake just because I dont shield everything they do. I'm already blocked by major accounts because of that. I do not want to participate in that any longer because the environment upsets me really badly and gives me awful anxiety. I hate to say this but Im no longer part of the fandom. I love the girls and I might post about them when they have a comeback, who knows, but I dont want to be associated with the fandom. It was a fun ride and I had fun reading and interacting in the comments section but unfortunately the bad outweighs the good so Im stoping.

Thanks for comenting on my posts which always took hours to make. 

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